We are in the holiday season. What does that mean for your career transition?

HR managers tend to slow down on interviewing until 2018 and perhaps you slowed down on job searching, too.

But here’s the thing: now’s the time for you to pick up steam so that you are three steps ahead of other career transitioners when January rolls around. Instead of making it your New Year’s resolution to jump on the job hunt bandwagon, start today.

Here are the things you wanna have ready to go before 2018:

  1. Create an action plan for your job search

An action plan will keep you focused and targeted. Most people are not so intentional in their job search which is part of the reason why their results aren’t so hot.

  1. Get clear on the kinds of careers you’re focused on

You wanna know exactly the career you want so that when you’re job searching you can state it clearly to folks. When you say “I’ll take any job,” nothing comes to mind for the person you’re speaking to. When you start being specific about the kind of job you are looking for in your desired career field, then people’s names come to mind for the person you’re speaking to.

  1. Have your resume and LinkedIn profile ready to go

Job seekers often think to prepare their resume, but not necessarily the LinkedIn profile. The two need to be congruent (read: complementary rather than the same) so take the time to prepare these. If you have a stellar resume and no LinkedIn profile, there is a high chance you may be passed over for a candidate that has both.

  1. Prepare what you want to say in your future interviews

People usually hoop and holler when they get an interview and then they freak out about preparing for it. What if you’re already prepared? Wouldn’t THAT feel awesome?

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