We’re a week out and I’ve been counting down the days for FOREVER to Christmas. Although I was born a Jew, I seem to really love the Christmas spirit more. It sings to my heart. All the good food, time with family and the STOCKINGS. Yup, Jew who loves Christmas stockings. I admit it!

I used to think “It’s too bad that Christmas only comes once a year.”

There seems to be all this buildup to the holidays, with Christmas stuff being put out earlier and earlier (like right after Halloween). Personally, I don’t see the problem with it.

What I love about Christmas is the spirit of giving that seems to show up more this time of year. You hear it from servers at restaurants who say people get way more generous with their tips. Others watch holiday classics like the Grinch and have their hearts grow several sizes. There is a sense of love and generosity that comes with this time of year.

But Why Wait?

The funny part (at least to this Jew) is that we wait until Christmas time to express this level of love and kindness when really we all want it and need it all year round. So I got to wondering, what would happen if we treated each day like Christmas?

Obviously, I don’t mean eating all the rich and delicious foods each day would be a wise decision or not going to work and instead watching movies all day. Don’t get me wrong here.

But I did realize that filling myself up with the expectation of getting some amazing gift each day felt amazing, similar to how I feel at Christmas. And isn’t life so much more exciting when I think that a beautiful gift is around the corner while also being showered in love and family?

Doesn’t sound half bad, huh?

Christmas is a Mindset

We mentally prepare ourselves for this time of year. You are ready to bust out the santa hat and the ugly Christmas sweater and the Christmas cheer. The holiday parties are fun. The drinks are great. And the expectation of presents come December 25.

There is also this depression that sets in for early January when the holiday season is over and what I wonder is can you trick your mind to keep Christmas going?

Can Christmas continue with the excitement of a new job ahead (even when you don’t know where it would come from)?

I began practicing such a mindset in the spring of this year and found a lot of joy, love and excitement in it. Amazing things flourished before my eyes and I was the happiest that I could remember for a very, very long time, all because I focused on Christmas being every day.

Suddenly, I got asked to apply to several jobs to be a career coach. I got a bunch of new clients all at once in my practice. I found a new group of friends through capoeira. Everything felt like the holiday season was upon me and I soaked in every minute of it.

What can you do to bring forth the Christmas spirit all year long?

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