Have you heard about the value of a juice cleanse (or any cleanse) but you haven’t taken the leap to actually try it?

I used to think these cleanses were a bunch of garbage, particularly the juice cleanse, which I decided could not POSSIBLY be healthy. I was Judgey McJudgerson when it came to this kind of stuff because I really didn’t see what value it could possibly add to my life.

It gets better: my mom has been doing juice cleanses for forever. She’ll make her own rather than buy them from a company and sometimes she’d go 30 days on one with drinking her version of lemonade (water with lemon) with cayenne pepper.

I thought my mom was bonkers, and frankly, unhealthy. I never told her that but I kinda avoided the whole topic.

Fast forward, years later when I began talking to my coach, someone I respect a lot, and he told me that he began doing a juice cleanse. My eyes must have popped out of my head like a cartoon character.

He shared with me how his mind was clearer, he had more natural energy and you can sleep better. I didn’t need to hear more; it was time to give it a shot and see how my body responds.

Juice Cleanse Aftermath

Besides missing chewing on food (and bacon and croissants…if you only knew me, you’d know you can win my heart with bacon and croissants, preferably together with egg and cheese), I saw SO much value in doing this cleanse.

Here’s what I discovered:

  1. Taking Care of Myself is My #1 Priority: This lesson has come up with a couple clients this past week as well (you know who you are) and it’s come up for me too. I’m so used to casting myself aside if “the business needs me” or if “a client needs me” or “my mom needs me.” I have deprioritized myself so many times because someone else “needs me” but then through this cleanse, I discovered that I can’t take care of others without taking care of myself first and what better way to take care of myself than detoxify my body? I feel empowered with the thought of taking care of me so I can take care of others. I deserve to take care of me!
  2. More Energy: Cleaning your body is similar to cleaning out your closet; it gets all the junk out and you feel more free. While I have always been a pretty healthy eater, my love for certain food groups (see above, and sweets) remains and I allow myself to indulge. But there comes a time to reset the body when I start not sleeping through the night or I feel drained of energy during the day. I thought the cleanse would drain my energy but I found I had way more of it! I also noticed I slept more consistently during and after the cleanse. This made me way more productive in my business as well as more focused on my tasks.
  3. Letting Go of Painful Experiences: It’s amazing how much time we spend with our food each day and how drinking juice instead can open up time. I find the detoxification process to be almost spiritual for me, kinda similar to how Marie Kondo talks about cleaning up your physical space in The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Lots of people eat when they’re stressed out or unhappy and it tends to be junk food or comfort food that puts you into a food coma. As I cleansed, I also felt my mind clearing out old emotional stuff that I’ve been holding inside about the transition from DC to Florida. Switching cities was tough on me and leaving behind the comfort of a stable 6-figure job to do this business full time was really stressing me out since August 2017. The cleanse really helped me process through the emotions that I experienced and helped me release them.

Cleaning your body is about more than just being healthy. It’s about taking care of yourself like you matter. It’s about clearing out your mind so you find the best strategy moving forward in your career. It’s about getting the next promotion or transitioning to a new field that jazzes you up. It’s about finding focus to create the results you desire. There are so many facets that I had no idea would open up for me through this process, but let me tell you, now that I did it once, I plan on making this part of my life so I operate optimally to get the results I desire.

To investing in yourself!

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