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I knew from prior job searches that my career path was challenging to present in a way that would capture recruiters’ and hiring managers’ attention. When I found out my position was being relocated, I immediately called Lisa. Within the first days of working with her I felt more confident about my career prospects and within a few weeks I was getting interviews and filling up my networking schedule. Through my work with Lisa not only did I create an application package I love, but one that had recruiters saying “this is a fabulous resume, I’ve never seen someone present themselves so well. I can’t wait to get you placed”. With Lisa’s help I also had the confidence and clarity to withdraw from consideration for a job that did not fit my long-term plans. Eight weeks later, I am confident I have everything I need to find and land my ideal job.

Laurie E.

I was in my final semester of graduate school when I started working with Lisa. I was nervous about re-entering the job market, and I wanted to make sure my expensive new degree would help me land a great job. The trouble was I didn’t know how to sell my education and my previous work experience into one cohesive package. 

Working with Lisa, I was able to take my accomplishments from my previous work experience and education to create a resume that really showcased my story and helped potential employers really get a picture of what I could bring to the table. 

Lisa’s help didn’t stop with the resume. Working together, we were able to build my story and experience into my cover letter and interview skills. After just weeks of working with Lisa, I applied to a job I never thought I would be able to land; however, within minutes (literally) of me submitting my resume and cover letter, the employer asked me to come in and interview the very next day. Within a week they put out an offer, and – thanks to Lisa’s contact negation coaching – I was able to secure a 15% increase from the initial offer. Less than a year later, I was able to negotiate for another 40% salary increase – all because of Lisa’s coaching.

Leo L.

When I started my coaching partnership, I had an idea of the role I was looking for, but felt stuck. I did not know how to articulate the role and I had no plan on how to find the job I desired. Lisa heard my situation and told me clearly how she could address my needs through her structured process for establishing goals and working through a variety of weekly assignments in a holistic way. Through her process, she helped me to see some of the softer things – what are my values, what is important to me to feel happy, what is driving me – and connecting those to more concrete tasks of a job search.

When we completed our coaching partnership, I was mentally ready to make a move. I was able to perfectly articulate what kind of job I was looking for AND how it would fit into my life overall. On my own, I would not have been able to move as quickly. Change is not easy, and she kept me focused on future possibilities even when I felt that change would be too hard. 

Several months later, I received 2 good job offers that met the criteria of what I wanted. In the end, one was exactly perfect, which I accepted – a chance to work in Europe, in the sector where I have experience, in a CFO role – MY DREAM! I am moving my family to France and together, we will start on a new adventure.

Sylvie Milverton

Job Search coaching services client

I felt like I was in a career slump, which caused me to be miserable and demotivated at my previous job. I lacked passion and was just doing the same old routine. I spoke to Lisa and she asked me a lot of questions that lit a fire in my soul. I knew I deserved the career of my dreams with a great salary so I went on a soul-searching journey and then I was offered the position at a top bank in the United States with the salary I asked for, a $20,000 increase over my last job! Thank you Lisa for working with me!

Natalee Richards

Job Search coaching services client

Lisa just happened to be sitting next to me at lunch during a women’s leadership conference at the exact moment I was plotting how I could escape the rut of my job. When I met Lisa, I felt as if my career was stalled. I’d been at the same job for eleven years and felt that with every day I was moving further and further from the life and career that I really wanted.  I knew a shift was needed, but I didn’t know how to transition my career.  As a result of working with Lisa, I gained immediate clarity about my next steps and created an action plan!  Our work on mindset and limiting beliefs led me to decide that what I wanted most was to become an entrepreneur - to use my expertise in service of my vision of empowering women. Lisa’s approach ensured that I stayed in action and moving towards my vision. She helped me to find forgiveness and gratitude so that I could negotiate a higher salary and demand my worth, while still at my job. With her guidance, I received a 10% raise, became more positive about my job, and moved on with the confidence needed to launch my business! Now, I work with women who want to turn their story of transformation and triumph into a system others can use to transform their lives too! I’m finalizing details on my first retreat, Discover Your Authentic Voice!  Of course, inspired by my experience of letting my inner voice guide surface during my time with Lisa!

Delphinia Brown

Clarity on Career coaching services

When I first started working with Lisa, I felt completely lost.  I knew that I wanted a change but I had no idea what I wanted my future to look like I was wishing all of my days away because I was unfulfilled.  Working with Lisa helped me to adopt a more positive mindset during a time in my life where it was difficult to even get out of bed.

She helped me realize that I had achieved some amazing things that I wasn’t giving myself credit for.  She taught me that it is okay and encouraged to advocate for yourself.  This did wonders for my confidence levels, helped me see myself in a more positive light, and have difficult conversations to self-advocate that I would have previously avoided.

All of this led to a recruiter reaching out to me about a wonderful job opportunity which I pursued, with Lisa there to support me through the process.  That opportunity led me to the position I am in now with a 40% increase in my salary!  When I look back at the modules I completed with Lisa and all the things I wanted (and didn’t want) out of a dream job, I can honestly say I have ticked all the boxes. 

Now, I have direction, I know what I want my future to look like, I have the tools I need to get there, and I look forward to each precious day, never wishing them away. 

Thank you Lisa!


Clarity on Career Coaching Client

Before I spoke to Lisa, I knew I wanted to make a move from a Regional Manager position which required lots of travel and time away from my family. Through her coaching, I condensed a three-page resume down to a one page and I revamped the whole document to focus on the results I produced in my career. With this new resume, I received the position I sought after, but quickly realized it was not the right fit for me. I, once again, contacted Lisa for her support in what would be my next move. She coached me through the difficult decision of leaving a job in such a short period of time and the task of giving my notice that I was leaving. Based on her coaching expertise, I was able to find a new position quickly without spending significant amounts of time on the job search. The new position fits my needs completely, with great benefits and exciting fun products to promote in my field. I could not be happier with my results.

BillieAnn Graff

Job Search coaching services client

When I first spoke to Lisa, I was ready to make a career transition and I thought I was sure of what I wanted to do in my career. Lisa is an awesome career coach and an incredibly intuitive life coach who saw through me and expressed that she saw where my genius in my career was based on our conversations, even when I was not yet ready to embrace it. There was no fluff. She dove deep and challenged me to see things differently, something I really admire in a coach. I seek to understand myself better through being coached and she held my hand along the way and called me out when I was not being true to myself. She has a unique gift that is hard to come by and her face glows up while coaching. Because of her coaching, I was able to see where I authentically wanted to go in my career. I went for it and I haven't looked back.

Saleema Vellani

Clarity on Career coaching services

Through Lisa's career coaching, I became a much more capable contributor and getting hired by the top consulting company with an incredible salary. Upon completing graduate school, I was excited about a job offer with a major strategy consulting company despite not having any direct work experience in the field at the time. However, I was ambivalent about accepting because the salary package was below the market average. I reached out to Lisa for support. She was very helpful in considering the opportunity in terms of my career priorities, and together we focused on me getting the kind of experience I needed to advance in my career. I would be exposed to more of the consulting field with opportunities to grow and be able to add a reputable brand on my CV. I ended up taking the job, and Lisa was right. The company provided me with an exceptional platform to learn and grow professionally. Despite the company raising my salary to market levels within a year, this experience was by far the most valuable asset. I was able to leverage it in order to receive an offer from the top firm in the consulting field (at a significantly higher salary) within a couple years of being coached by Lisa.


Job Search coaching services client

"When I started working with Lisa, I felt stuck. As a result of our partnership, I've become more in touch with my professional hopes and more confident in the ability to achieve them."

Angela Granese

Clarity on Career coaching services client

Lisa was invaluable in supporting through my latest career transition from a smaller, family-like firm to a large corporation. Throughout a difficult transition process, Lisa helped me to identify, communicate, and meet my professional goals, while also creating space for and appreciation of personal goals. My career decision involved many complicated tradeoffs which Lisa's thoughtful guidance made feel more clear and manageable. In my new role, I have set higher expectations for my work, while also setting clearer boundaries that are respected by my coworkers and manager.

Lauren Goodwin

Job Search coaching services client

I transformed my LinkedIn profile using Lisa’s LinkedIn Makeover E-Course. I was procrastinating updating my professional profile, but the course broke the process down into easy steps that could be followed little by little over6 weeks. This increased my visibility on LinkedIn and resulted in calls from recruiters and directly from hiring managers.

After this great experience with Lisa, she also coached me through my salary negotiation process and provided practical tips on managing communications with the company. Now I know how to ask for what I want in a way that feels powerful and authentic to me! I follow her blog regularly and many of the articles resonate with me, particularly those about celebrating small wins, setting up boundaries at work and stopping doubting your ability to find the career you love.

Tirth Bhatt

LinkedIn Makeover E-Course and Job Search coaching services client

Lisa's coaching supported me in embracing exactly where I am with my job search and gave me the push I needed to get in action and pursue employment opportunities that are appropriate for what I'm looking for right now. Lisa supported me in updating my LinkedIn profile as part of my job search. With her coaching, I customized how I describe my job experiences to highlight my accomplishments and skills, even as I am looking in a different field than I have experience in. Thanks to Lisa's coaching, I understand now that LinkedIn is not just a comprehensive resume, but a way that I can creatively display my accomplishments and skills and give potential employers a sense of who I am as an employee.

Laura MacKinnon

LinkedIn Makeover E-Course client

Lisa helped me gain more confidence in declaring what I want and accepting nothing less. Lisa challenged me to trust in the Universe. She refuses to take your ego's excuses but does so in a caring and compassionate way. She keeps things light and comfortable - even when dealing with the tough stuff. Working with Lisa feels like having a deeply energizing conversation with a lifelong friend (and her laugh is contagious)! She is a wonderful coach and I highly recommend her to anyone ready to own their power and transition into their best life yet.

Tess Rafferty

Private client

Before Lisa began coaching me, I was at a very happy place in my life, but I had an issue with fully committing to my commitments. The results I experienced during and after our coaching relationship was a higher sense of worthiness. I am able to see myself as someone who is deserving and important enough to achieve my goals and step outside of my comfort zone. I am currently happier than I've ever been, and always challenging myself. I've been able to make the process of getting what I want--fun.”

Ashley Lindo

Private client

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